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BEE is an advocacy and educational organization that is creating a new generation of green-minded people. 

Brooklyn Endeavor Experience, Inc.
(BEE) seeks to improve the quality of the Brooklyn community by partnering with local businesses, community leaders and neighbors to create a clean and safe place to live and work. We are one of eight community partners on the Historic Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) for the Atlantic Yards Project, a $4 billion development including residential and commercial properties and a sports arena. WE ARE READY to create Green Jobs through the CBA either through current partnerships such as developers like Forest City Ratner Companies (FCRC), or through potential partnerships like the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and we welcome others.



 Tips for Greener Living

Learn more EASY WAYS to make a difference.




By Green Living Tips | Published  12/6/2008

There's so many merchants in the green space now, including a fair share of companies unfortunately engaging in greenwashing - that is, touting products with claims they are environmentally friendly when in fact, they really aren't.

It can be hard for the little guys and those businesses genuinely committed to making a difference to get noticed - unless they have bags of money for advertising.

To help address this, I'm now offering free advertising to businesses that sell green products and services.

You can be showcased on Green Living Tips in an article dedicated to you at absolutely no cost! Free, nix, nada, no money changes hands. This offer is open to businesses big and small in all countries.

This is a great way to get long term exposure to tens of thousands of Green Living Tips readers each month.

You'll have home page coverage and additionally, you'll get a mention in my newsletter which currently goes out to around 19,000 double opt in subscribers and a mention on GLT's Twitter and Facebook pages.

There is a section on GLT dedicated just to coupons and discounts for green goods and services. The  category receives a lot of traffic and offers to date have shown some really positive results according to participating merchants.

How to get listed

There's a small catch (isn't there always).

Aside from your goods and services needing to be authentically green; you need to provide some sort of coupon or easily redeemable discount to Green Living Tips readers and subscribers. This way everyone wins - you gain more customers and GLT subscribers and visitors get something in return :)

You'll also need to supply a written piece (minimum of 250 words of original content) regarding your company and your products and their environmental attributes. I'll then turn it into a full showcase article. You'll find it's certainly worth the effort for the ongoing coverage you'll receive!

For further details about submitting your business and offer for this free advertising service, please contact me with some brief details about your business and the coupon or discount you'd like to provide.

I'll only be publishing a couple of green coupons and deals a week, so be sure to get in quick for rapid coverage!

If you have friends or colleagues who run a business related to the environmental sector and green living, please let them know about this initiative!

PLEASE NOTE: I will not be able to accept discount offers from distributors working under network marketing or MLM programs.

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