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Safe Places to Learn and Grow

Focusing on GREEN Issues in our community...

Safe Places to Learn and Grow
provides a safe haven during non–school hours and offers structured activities. We meet during the summer months on a weekly basis; some attend the YMCA’s Camp Bernie, work special events, work for BEE and volunteer throughout the year. During the fall, winter and spring we attempt to meet at least on a bi-monthly basis keeping our projects alive and thriving. We have been meeting at the 88th Precinct and/or Junior High School MS-113 and both venues have become BEE partners. Students have to maintain at least a “C” average in school and be good citizens, participate in all aspects of the program and remain open minded to new and innovative things.  BEE is preparing our youth to be successful in
the "Green" 21st Century.

Recycling Clip Art

Recycling Clip Art

The recycling symbol is universally recognized. The “mobius loop” symbol is used to designate recyclable materials and reduce needless waste.

Take this free recycle clip art and use it on your blog, website or school. This recycle clipart is also great for environmental holidays such as National Recycling Week and Earth Day. This green recycling symbol represents the need to reduce, reuse and recycle.

This symbol was created for the first Earth Day Celebration in 1970. Today, we see this symbol everywhere – on garbage cans, bins and even t-shirts. The recycle sign is an important part of the global warming solution. Together, we can save the trees and save the planet.

Feel free to use this recycle symbol clip art wherever you like. Print it out, add it to your website or attach it to a garbage bin. Green recycle clip art is free for any use that will help stop global warming.


New York City’s Free Conference

New York City’s Free Conference
on Careers in Natural Resources

and the Environment for Middle Schools

 Presented by

  New York ReLeaf, 

   Environmental Education Advisory Council and

 Magnolia Tree Earth Center of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Inc.

  Detailed Information and Registration Form Below:   

 Click Here To Download




BEE's Strategy and Goal for 2011

“We want this to be our fourth year for “Camp Bernie” and we hope that the young people we have recruited to participate will get yet another opportunity to learn about nature and the environment,” said Delia Hunley-Adossa, who heads up BEE, and also serves as chair of the CBA Executive Committee.  THE ONLY THING HOLDING US BACK IS FUNDING $$$.  “Moreover, we are even more enthusiastic to create a new generation of green-minded young people who can help in their own ways to help create a more environmentally-sound Brooklyn.”


This year Ms. Hunley-Adossa is will continue seeking funding and modify  her Camp Bernie recruitment efforts and intends to once again integrate some of the students of her HELP and HELP Too programs that she oversees together.  These programs are targeted to students in middle school and high school who are the children of economically disadvantaged families. The focus will be on those most at risk of academic failure and those in need of personal and educational support to complete high school and prepare for post-secondary education and careers in technical fields.   Students in age range 12 – 18 are served. The joining together idea is exciting and Ms. Hunley-Adossa has been successful thus far and intends to keep it that way. The youth have been extremely open to learning how to live green.  BEE is seeking funding in order for some of these very programs to be sustained. BEE is seeking funding in order for some of these very programs to be sustained.


The HELP program is geared to promote and encourage our youth to seek alternatives to violence, gang and drugs while teaching them how to live green. Juvenile truancy, gang activity, juvenile crime and drug usage is a significant problem. The H.E.L.P. Program is determined to curb juvenile truancy, juvenile crime(s), and gang activity and drug usage by teaching and developing the youth’s self discipline, social and leadership skills. The program is a three Phase Program, i.e., Phase I Boot Camp, Phase II and 88th Precinct Explorer in Post 2188 and Phase III is a New York City Police Cadet if desired. 


HELP Too (Helping Encourage Leadership Potential) is a program that will Nurture Young Women from middle school to college; this initiative specifically focuses on non-traditional fields in the green sector. This program is geared to promote and encourage our female youth with options. We are targeting young women who may be at risk. 


BEE is an advocacy and educational organization that is creating a new generation of green-minded young people.  After the Camp Bernie experience, the campers and the subsequent classes back in Brooklyn are part of BEE’s Safe Places to Learn and Grow Program, which is intended to provide safe havens during non-school hours and offer structured activities that nurture young people, teaching them social skills, vocational interests and civic responsibility relative to the environment.  In addition, BEE attempts to provide opportunities for youth to contribute to their communities and society by enriching young people's knowledge and understanding of their culture and the cultures of those around them.  BEE is the Atlantic Yards CBA group over environmental assurances. BEE is preparing our youth to be successful in the "Green" 21st Century.  






 Tips for Greener Living

Learn more EASY WAYS to make a difference.


Save Money and The Environment

Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) bulbs have revolutionized energy-efficient lighting. CFLs are simply miniature versions of full-sized fluorescents. They screw into standard lamp sockets, and give off light that looks just like the common incandescent bulbs - not like the fluorescent lighting we associate with factories and schools.
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